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About BMJ Tech

We build software using the following technology stacks

  • Java: Spring, Spring Boot, Gradle
  • Client Side: Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Services: REST APIs, Elastic, Docker, Vagrant
  • And a bit of: Python, Neo4J, NodeJS

We look after 15+ applications and will often update 5 of them in a week.

Check us out on GitHub


We are organised into SCRUM teams. Teams are formed for each project and there is lots of opportunity to move between teams and between products.

Quality Assurance, Front End, Backend and Design are all part of the SCRUM team. They work together to deliver features into production as quickly as they can.


With so many applications, software stacks and integration points, we need a top notch operations team to make sure it is all working.

Operations and Development teams work closely together to automate everything it is feasible to automate. We strive for all our releaseas for all our products to be available at the touch of a button.

In 2016, we are moving to AWS via Data Pipe, which will enable even further automation and speed in provisioning.

A dedicated development team supports Operations in dealing with critical bugs and issues.


Our designers are experts in the visual arts and usability. All of our customer facing projects are implemented with a designer as part of the team.

Business Systems

All of our backoffice functions are extended, supported and managed by our dedicated business systems team. Data feeds, integrations, invoicing, reporting and Sales Force are all part of the landscape here.

Co Lab

A dedicated User Experience and User Research Lab here in BMA house. We are always interested in hearing directly from our users and we use their insights to drive our product delivery.